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The tractor ... 50 cubic

Several years ago, farmers in Tay Ninh has become the "contemporary" because ... dare helicopter mode. Nearly a year in Hung Loc Commune, Trang Bang district, Tay Ninh province appears a rather unique hand tractor by a farmer inventions. Fields planted beans, corn, peppers grown, cultivated tomato brown ... many people enjoy seeing the tape hand tractor truck, dump leakage, earth,, fertilizing, cutting of the canvas ...

* The initiative ... because annoyed Here is probably the cheapest hand tractor and unique that not only farmers in Trảng Bàng. Corn crop years, England East-Xuan Nguyen Thanh Tam, a farmer in Trảng Bàng has prepared the ground seed for about 5 public land. Soil cleanup is done, he must rent tractors to Rach, hired labor to remove seeds. Corn crop was about 15 on the fertilizing. Back to hire labor up finished right partition for corn, corn root soil for vun. Only the clean soil is to use the tractors. Most work in caring for plants corn must be attributable to labor with tools is a hoe and jewelry. Labor is increasingly less going for factories, factories have attracted quite a large amount of this worker. Suddenly stops workers are esteem very clearly. Rent is the labor is excited. They come to the right now to have the half. They make new to add a half ... Not to mention early had to prepare sticky rice cake for labor breakfast. Between sessions to increase coffee, tobacco workers stay with eager new fields of his whole care. Lo, lo so but halfway workers turn evidence would break par, then to officers. Then run vạy to worry employers to complete the work of his fellow-flat. "Annoyed too, had to settle for the problem of hiring labor so that I do ..."-English recounts Mind.

The English "do" is the first vehicle uses daughter Chaly 50 which he used to go to school. Then he opens considering how to operate a motor engine was available from historically as tractors ploughed soil, air, waterways. These details were English notes carefully. He draws explicit detail and uses of each Department in the manual. Drawing, writing, calculating and then the car was moved from two-wheeled vehicle Chaly into tractor hands a cake unique. Since embarking on doing until the kiln tractor debut he made exactly 13 days. * Tractors ... 50 does anyone believe that 50 engine he could replace nearly a dozen labor. On trials tractor hands on growing corn only alone. Treadmill cassette tape but at the plough too deep, too shallow, the plough at the loạng in flight. He continued to improve some parts. Calibration to counterbalance for the tractor by the whirlwind computer car weighs the trịch. Reduce the length of the hand for the softer. Then he assembled extra lights to plough night, add more power to start your computer with average cost formula. After twice modifying tractor's Mind was running delectable. Every day can root fertilizing for about two vun acres of land to plant corn. Rows of corn are tắp not cooking on where was meteoric. The most intriguing is the season that he was Interested in corn due to tractor lyrics to a hand. The original original tractors vun helped corn thrive thanks to the absorption of nutrients more due to fertilizers do not suffer losses. Also the tractors, "run all day just foremost about 3 liters of gasoline. And can substitute for 12 to 15 workdays "-English fun Center said. There the next day he moved this tractor on the road, traffic police were checking and just remind him should ... helmet, while the tractor is not penalised because it caters to field then good then. See workers tapping rubber hard night, he devised a machine tapping rubber, can substitute for workers. Hope he will succeed. "Winter sunshine as well as the rainy season, earth mounds and slopes or wetlands, unique hand tractors, his Mind is running very well"-Nguyễn Văn Black Car, Hung hamlet That implied Agreement, rent tractors's Mind to the original corn to plain vun his comment. * Continue the creativity from the simple, he mind has improved some details to be able to replace the work of the human being in the care of most crops such as corn plants trees on short, Brown, green beans, Roasted Peppers. More and more people near and far to bring him to serve. Bring away hard, he assembled extra staging gear behind as tricycles, moving the all-terrain versatility on the field. "Do something that would help farmers themselves gently in the same flat which still has to be the lyrics themselves excited already. Also work is nothing big where, it is done so that follow are for. Recently the cheapest effective medium then out to her child "-Mind mentality like that. With tractor original corn this unique hand vun, Nguyen Thanh Tam won the first prize in the contest of creative science and engineering of Tay Ninh province in 2009.

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